Should I Hire a Sleep Consultant?

Just like anything else in life you can get your child to sleep on your own. You can also cut your own hair or build a house on your own but most people choose to hire a professional. We do this because it is important that it is done correctly the first time and because we don’t have the time to master the skills needed to do it correctly ourselves. Children’s sleep is no different. 

If you google “how to get my child to sleep through the night?” You will get thousands of results with hundreds of different opinions. How do you know what to select? How do you know what to trust? How do you know what will work? The truth is that you don’t and most parents don’t have the time to research the validity of every online claim. We just need our children to sleep and we need it to be simple. 

This is where hiring a certified sleep consultant comes in. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. A good sleep consultant has read all the baby sleep books that you don’t have time to read. We know all the tips and techniques and there is no case that will shock us. Most sleep consultants have seen it all and the majority are moms themselves. 

Your child is unique. He has certain quirks and habits that make him who he is. Children’s sleep is no different. Just buying an E-Book or applying what your neighbor did to make their child sleep may not work because it doesn’t take into account your specific child’s personality, needs or age. The best approach to solving a child’s sleep issues begins with looking at the child as a whole and ends with getting them to sleep at night. A sleep consultant takes the time to sit with you and talk about your child specifically before even beginning their work. 

When you hire me I take all the guesswork out of getting your child to sleep. My expertise gives me the ability to look at each case individually and select the methods that will work best. I give you a clear, concise sleep plan to follow. No cookie cutter approaches, no online courses that take hours, and no books to read. And most importantly a sleep consultant won’t judge you. We know more than anyone how complicated children’s sleep is and most of us have been there ourselves. I am confident that I can help your child sleep better. Ready to take the first step towards better sleep? Click here to view what I offer?