5 Months - 2 years

Let's teach your baby how to sleep.

5 Months - 2 Years Sleep Packages

In this package, I will teach you how to introduce your baby to the magic of independent sleep. We will dive into the science behind baby sleep and what it means for your baby. My approach combines: age-appropriate schedules, proper sleep environments, and self-soothing skills. .

My Baby Doesn't Sleep Through the Night Yet.

Are you feeling drained? Does the dread creep in each night as it begins to get dark? Are you back and forth to your baby’s room all night putting them back to sleep?Is being exhausted stealing the joy from your motherhood experience? If you’re feeling sleep deprived, I guarantee your baby is tired too. Let me help you both feel better!

Note: Baby must be sleeping in a crib not a toddler bed to qualify for this pricing. If you’re using a toddler bed click here

Our Journey

Having a baby that sleeps well is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of science. Just like all the other skills we teach our children we can also teach them how to sleep. In this package I will provide you with a custom sleep plan based on your families individual needs. This plan will be as unique as your baby. I will then be with you every step of the way while we teach your baby how to become a great sleeper. 

Private Consultation

$ 275
  • A Preliminary Evaluation
  • A Private 45-Minute In-person Consultation
  • (Video Chat for outside of local Anchorage area)
  • A Personalized, Easy to Follow, Sleep Plan
  • Two Follow-up Phone Calls
  • Two Weeks of daily email Support
  • Daily assessment of your sleep log