Congratulations on your new addition.

Newborn Sleep Packages

In this package, I will teach you all the fundamentals of baby sleep including the science behind newborn sleep. Putting healthy sleep habits in place at birth will help prevent sleep challenges as your baby grows. This package is perfect for newborns through babies 4 months of age.

You Will Sleep Again.

The biggest gifts in life come in the smallest packages. Unfortunately, sometimes these gifts don’t know how to sleep very well when they arrive. But being a new parent doesn’t mean that you will never sleep again there are plenty of proactive measures you can take as soon as you bring your new baby home. Newborns are still figuring out this big world and need to eat frequently so sleep training and getting on a strict schedule is not possible or recommended. But there is still plenty to learn about newborn sleep.

Our Journey

Together we will gently begin to show baby how to fall asleep on their own and stay asleep. I will teach you how to interpret the signs that your baby is giving you and how to work with their natural sleep rhythms to ensure they are getting all the sleep their little bodies need. Having this solid sleep foundation in place will help you sail through all the milestones to come with ease.

Private Consultation

$ 225
  • A Preliminary Evaluation
  • A Private 45-Minute In-person Consultation
  • (Video Chat for outside of local Anchorage area)
  • A Personalized, Easy to Follow, Sleep Plan
  • Two Follow-up Phone Calls
  • Two Weeks of daily email Support
  • Daily assessment of your sleep log

For Newborn Twins, Add $100 to the package prices above