2 Years to 5 Years

Welcome to Toddlerhood!

2 Years to 5 Years Sleep Packages

In this package, I will help you get your toddler’s sleep back on track once and for all. We will work on creating clear and realistic boundaries for your child that help them get the sleep they need. My approach combines: age-appropriate schedules, proper sleep environments, and consistent parental feedback.

Are you tired of the bedtime battles?

Toddlerhood is such an exciting time for children and parents! Each day they are learning new things and becoming their own person, but often this new person doesn’t want to sleep. Toddlers are masters at testing boundaries and trying to gain more freedom. This is a time of immense change in their worlds. In the toddler years they: move to beds, stop napping, start school, possibly gain siblings, and begin to develop nighttime fears. It’s a lot for them to process and they need good quality sleep to help them make sense of it. 

Our Journey

The CDC states that insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic for children. And a 2017 study performed by Harvard found that children who got insufficient sleep in their preschool years had a higher risk of poor neurobehavioral function as they got older. But there is good news! It is never too late to teach your child healthy sleep habits. In this package I will provide you with a custom sleep plan based on your family’s individual needs. I will then be with you every step of the way while out an end to night time battles. 

Private Consultation

$ 350
  • A Preliminary Evaluation
  • A Private 45-Minute In-person Consultation
  • (Video Chat for outside of local Anchorage area)
  • A Personalized, Easy to Follow, Sleep Plan
  • Two Follow-up Phone Calls
  • Two Weeks of daily email Support
  • Daily assessment of your sleep log