Who is Molly?

I’m a born and raised Alaskan. I am originally from a very small town but now live in Anchorage. Before having my son in 2019 I was absolutely sure that I would sail through motherhood with ease. As a Type A, overly organized person I thought I could plan my way out of pretty much any problem. I took every baby class I could, read all the books, and purchased everything a new parent “needed” from Amazon. My husband and I were so ready when we headed to the hospital. But when he was born I quickly realized that this was going to be a lot harder than ordering the best swaddle. 

Within a few short months my life was starting to quickly unravel. My son wouldn’t sleep and my anxiety was through the roof. This motherhood thing wasn’t turning out the way I had seen it portrayed on social media and I was fairly certain that I had ruined my entire life. 

When my son was 4 months old and the pandemic hit, I couldn’t take anymore. I took a deep dive into the online world of baby sleep. I used my research skills and the power of organization and came up with a plan to get my son to sleep through the night. To my surprise and delight it worked, I taught him how to sleep on his own. I felt like I had just performed magic. Once he was sleeping well it was like the clouds parted and I could finally breathe again.  My entire outlook on motherhood changed and I was able to enjoy my baby. 

After I got my first taste of this baby sleep magic I became addicted and wanted to shout it from the rooftops. I began helping my mom friends, friends in mom groups and strangers in online support groups. In 2021 I took my passion to the next level and was accepted to the Child Sleep Consultant program with the Family Sleep Institute. Through this program I honed my skills and added new ones to my repertoire. In 2020 I launched Alpenglow Sleep Consulting and I am overjoyed to bring the gift of sleep to my fellow Alaskans. I truly love helping people get their children to sleep. And I love the effects you see in children once they start getting the sleep their little bodies need. Ready to learn more? Click here to learn about how I can help.